KICKSTARTER: Desire Will Set You Free by Yony Leyser / Amard Bird Films

DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE is a feature-length narrative film that explores artistic and marginalised life in Berlin with an often critical, and sometimes humorous (but always reverent) eye. Based on a true story, and at times travelling into the realm of docufiction, the plot follows the relationship of an American writer of Israeli/Palestinian descent and a Russian aspiring artist working as a hustler, offering access to the city’s vibrant queer and underground scenes while examining the differences between expatriate and refugee life. Learn more about this exciting venture and see how you can help give the film a “kickstart“!

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Announcement // Artconnect Berlin © Berlin Design Selection 2014

Berlin Design Selection 2014 – Final Call for Submissions!

Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Shenzhen and Miami – the Berlin Design Selection is touring again after a super successful launch presentation at Ventura Lambrate 2014 in Milan, Italy. Today is your FINAL chance to take submit your work and represent the Berlin design scene in foreign markets. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all you lovely creatives, and not to be missed. Don’t delay - find out more! Read more…

The Brazil Project © Matthias Schade

The Brazil Project by Matthias Schade

Football season is hotter than summer this year in Berlin, hot on the heels of tonights match, we have our very own link closer to the action. Matthias Schade, previously featured on Artconnect Berlin‘s blog, is currently in Brazil, seeking out a little more than football fever. He talks with Artconnect Berlin to shares a taste of the streets of Rio de Janeiro admits the World Cup madness. Read more about the Brazil Project!

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Artconnect Berlin, Announcement, © Laura Galati

Designer & Exhibition Party: Fier Vitrine 2014

Berlin Fashion Week is just around the corner and we have an event for you that can’t be missed! Fier Management organises Fier Vitrine, its own exceptional designer & exhibition party happening on Tuesday the 8th of July. We think you need a little bit more information first - be prepared, you’ll simply have to be a part of this after you’ve been clued up on what it’s all about.

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Artconnect Berlin, Community Clash! #4, 17 July 2014

Community Clash! #4 Feat. Pablo Díaz Benzo, Maansi Jain, Daniela Spoto & Stereofysh

Artconnect Berlin invites you to join Community Clash! #4, an event for creatives here in Berlin to meet, collaborate, and innovate. Community Clash! is a bimonthly group art exhibition featuring a selection of Berlin-based artists and a live musical performance within the Artconnect Berlin network. We are looking forward to featuring some of the best artists from our community at the next Community Clash! taking place at Prachtwerk on the 17th of July at 7pm! Read more…

Artconnect Berlin, Announcement, C/O Berlin 'Amerika Haus' © Mila Hacke

C/O Berlin Startnext Campaign: “Turn Us On!”

We were very sad when C/O Berlin had to close its doors at Postfuhramt in March 2013. Luckily they soon started looking for another venue! We are just as excited to see them planning their next move: the refurbishment of the Amerika Haus into their new home. This won’t happen without a little support though, so get informed now on how to participate in their Startnext crowd funding campaign! Read more…

48 neukölln special

48 Stunden Neukölln Special!

Artconnect Berlin is born and raised in Neukölln, so we can’t let this art festival fly by unnoticed! We are definitely proud that there are so many creatives who live and work in Neukölln. This creative hotspot is growing every day – this weekend you can find out yourself by attending 48 Stunden Neukölln. Grab a beer, take your camera and have a look at the spots we selected for you! Do you have a 48 Stunden Neukölln event yourself? Don’t forget to upload it on Artconnect Berlin, there is still a chance to be selected for ‘Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend‘.

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EB.TV App fürs iPad © Telekom Electronic Beats

Electronic Beats: EB.TV

Artconnect Berlin are very happy to introduce you to the latest exciting venture from Electronic Beats, the international music programme by Deutsche Telekom: EB.TV! This up-to-the-minute online TV channel treats you to the  finest freshly squeezed audiovisual content from Electronic Beats. You need to know about this – keep reading and we’ll fill you in!

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Artconnect Berlin, Announcement, Berlin Art Prize © Berlin Art Prize

Berlin Art Prize 2014: Opening & Awards Show

Berlin Art Prize is back for 2014! The independent award, which annually honours contemporary art from Berlin, aims to support the city’s artists by establishing a non-institutional prize awarded by a jury of local art professionals. Each artist is evaluated anonymously, with the jury only taking artistic ability into consideration. Berlin Art Prize winners are honoured with a group exhibition, an accompanying catalogue, a residency, prize money, and a trophy. And there’s more! Read all about their opening + award show on the 14th of June here and now. Read more…