Win 2×2 Tickets for Pictoplasma 2014!

Don’t we all enjoy to watch an animation movie every now and then? These films don’t just appear out of thin air, they need hard working and dedicated artists to make it happen. The Pictoplasma Festival and Conference offers a wide range of inspiring lectures, exhibitions, screenings and more. For the 10th edition of Pictoplasma they didn’t hold back; going to their website paints a big smile on our faces here at Artconnect Berlin! This lottery is special as we won’t just give away tickets once but twice! Curious now? Click and scroll down to see the official Pictoplasma 2014 Anniversary Opening (by Ori Toor and David Kamp).

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Ticket Give-Away: ‘The Pornographers’ by Berlin Film Society

Isn’t it great that sometimes during those rainy days (and yes, we’ve had many…) we can hide out at a nice movie theatre and enjoy a good film? Our team at Artconnect Berlin sure thinks so and therefore often visits one of the movies organised by Berlin Film Society. We are super excited to announce that we’ll be giving away tickets regularly within the coming months! This first time you can win 1×2 tickets for ‘The Pornographers‘ (1966) directed by Shohei Imamura, so click and scroll down to get your chance of winning a pair of tickets (..and some more info on the movie).

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Fabian Schuetze, Arpen and Florian Wienczny by Analogsoul ©

Ticket Giveaway for ‘A Forest’!

And why not have another lottery this week?! A little birdie told us to start noticing these guys from ‘A Forest‘ and we were very impressed after doing some research ourselves. Artconnect Berlin, in collaboration with record label Analogsoul, will give away 1×2 tickets to their performance on April 2nd at About Blank, so enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment!

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Die legendäre Boardschmiede „Rainbow Surfboards“, Jeff Divine, 1971 ©

Surf’s up! Win another Taschen book!

It might be a little early to start talking about all these summery things, but let’s get you warmed up for the summer. For this week’s lottery Artconnect Berlin will give away another colourful, inspiring, nostalgic, thrilling, and more (!) Taschen book. And not only one, but we’ll make TWO people happy with their very own copy of ‘TASCHEN 365. Day-by-Day. Surfing‘!

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Win a Front Row Society Scarf!

© Front Row Society

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping… say hi to Spring! In order to do that properly, Artconnect Berlin offers you the perfect Spring/Summer accessory to make you look fabulous during these sunny days. Our friends at Front Row Society have been most generous and provided us with three scarves to give away.

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Book Give-Away: Ulrich Kochinke’s ‘L’Ecole Sans Dieu’ !

Last Night Sankt Georg Saved My Life © Ulrich Kochinke

When reading through all newly added profiles on Artconnect Berlin you often come across intriguing and interesting artists. Only a week ago we discovered Ulrich Kochinke’s profile where he posted exciting news about his newest work: he is coming out with his own book and you have the opportunity to win a copy!  Read more…


Win 2×2 tickets and join the Directors Lounge this Saturday!

Today we give you a chance to win tickets to The 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge and one of the most interesting events in Berlin this weekend!

As they say about themselves they are “neither a short film nor feature film festival, not strictly for standard screenings nor installation set-ups, not indeed exclusively a film forum or live performance spectacle, Directors Lounge is in fact all of these in one happening, the only event of its kind in Berlin.” Read more…


Win a set of “Portrait of a City” books by Taschen


© Taschen

As the New Year arrived so did new plans and resolutions. If one of yours is to do some more traveling, we have a perfect gift for you from Taschen! We are continuing our great collaboration and this time we have 4 beautiful books to give away – “Portrait of a City - A photographic journey into the city’s history.” Read more…