Converse Photo Clash 2014, Mein Haus am See, 16 © Artconnect Berlin, Brogues Cozens-McNeelance

PHOTO CLASH takes Berlin!

These guys at Converse are unstoppable! CLASH WALL was already a huge success and now they are taking their international SNEAKERS CLASH campaign to the next level. Running from the 3th to 5th April, street artists will transform photos into real artworks and anyone can participate! Artconnect Berlin had to be one of the first to check it out, so read our review, swing by Mein Haus am See over the next days, and get yourself involved.

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Artconnect Berlin Community Clash 2 © Martin Wolf

Community Clash! #2 What a night!

So what about it folks? The second Community Clash! is in the books and we couldn’t be happier about it. After a long day of preparations it all came together and worked out neatly. We had a change of venue from the last event and this time our Community Clash! was hosted by recently established communal and cultural venue Prachtwerk, daytime café and evening waterhole in the centre of Neukölln, just opposite the Neukölln Stadtbad.

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Kino International Kunst Exhibition: KIK-ONE.

The building of Kino International takes you back to the 60s. It’s a big, concrete, socialist building on Karl-Marx Allee in former East Berlin, which hosted film premieres until the fall of a Berlin Wall. It is there that the directors of Kino International Kunst, Peter Wilde and Christopher Winter, decided to place their art exhibitions, and they made a great use of it. When you enter the vast entrance hall you are surely not expecting what the KIK-ONE exhibition is about to present … Read more…

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 12.01.24 PM

Andreas Loh: Pianist, Drummer and Composer

Berlin, it’s wonderful! You have the possibility of getting to know amazing people in every corner of the city. Andreas Loh it is one of these people, he has the ability to mix his two passions Yoga and Music to create captivating music.

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Patrick Brandt, k.g.a (analog), 2013 © Patrick Brandt

Patrick Brandt: Creating Timeless Spaces

Patrick Brandt, k.g.a (analog), 2013 © Patrick Brandt

A visit to Patrick Brandt‘s studio actually leads you to have coffee and a nice chat in his living room in an East Berlin Altbau apartment. Here, the artist creates most of his enigmatic collages. Based in Berlin since 2010, Brandt spent some time before that in Dresden. The thirty-one year old artist originally comes from Quedlinburg, a small town in the Harz region, where he started his artistic path within the graffiti-scene, from the age of 15 until he turned 20. Brandt has a background in design but when it comes to art, he defines himself as an autodidact. Read more…


What a Clash!

Community Clash Artconnect Berlin, © Martin Wolf

Artconnect Berlin is proud to declare that the first ever Community Clash! has been held.

Community Clash! is Artconnect Berlin’s newest event and will take place every other month featuring some of the most interesting artists and musicians from the Artconnect Berlin community.

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Blowing Southerly Winds with David Calo

On the dance floor!

Most of the musicians I interview are interested in the underlying ideas of the music. It seems that these are not the most “glorious” part of a song but then, you realize that it is through these ideas that the music grows and magic melodies find their wings. Read more…