Review on the Community Clash! #4

The Community Clash! #4 held last Thursday was a-ma-zing! Luckily we always write a nice review to remember it and drift away thinking of all the lovely people we met, the nice art and swinging music. What more does a person want?! Also, for all the people that weren’t able to make it, have a look at our review and keep a close eye out for the next Community Clash! #5. Read more…

Artconnect Berlin :: Review :: Tech Open Air Berlin 2014 © Solveig Maria Ebbinghaus 12

Review on the Unconference – TOA 2014

Yesterday we spent the day at TOA and we have to say that the overall experience was pretty satisfying. The space was amazing and very Berlin – totally destroyed but super cool. The building had it’s own special character and the space outside was amazing and full of hidden spots to sit and chat with absolute strangers.

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Review on Ai Weiwei

We got to visit Ai Weiwei in its last days and boy are we glad that we finally got our bums there! A beautiful collection of art and his largest one-man exhibition was presented and made for Berlin’s Martin-Groupis-Bau in the Lichthof. It was a vast exhibit, filling an area of 18 rooms and 3,000 square metres. If you missed it, click on we say… Read more…

Review Fier Vitrine Photo4

Review on Fier Vitrine

We are still clutching on to all the magic that was Berlin Fashion Week, removing the glitter from our hair and the heels from our feet. In case you missed it Artconnect Berlin shares a bit of the fun from Fier Vitrine designer exhibition. A beautiful selection of the hottest new designers from around the world show off their new collections in the lush venue Lehter Siebzehn. Take a peak at what we saw! Read more…

Artconnect Berlin // Review: Kunst am Spreeknie // © Karolina Spring

Review on Kunst am Spreeknie Schöneweide Art Festival 2014

There’s been quite some reviews on Artconnect Berlin lately which means we’ve been having a lot of fun and want to share it with you, our dear readers. Last weekend we went to Kunst am Spreeknie – Schöneweide Art Festival 2014. After a nice cycle tour we finally arrived at lovely Schöneweide. Intrigued and curious on what we saw there? Continue reading by clicking ‘read more’ now!

Artworks by Jáchym Fleig and Franziska Rutishauser

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Recap: Seek Fashion Trade Show

Seek Fashion Trade Show had Artconnect Berlin frothing from the moment we walked through the door! So many cool clothes, accessories and items under one room. This event, running as part of Berlin Fashion Week, ended on Thursday but we are still dreaming blissfully of all the things we’d like to have. It was a bit like getting to look through your older sister’s wardrobe while she’s not home. That being said, there were heaps of great menswear as well. Read on to find out more.  Read more…


Artconnect Berlin goes to Bread & Butter!

As you might have noticed on our blog, Artconnect Berlin has had a busy agenda this Berlin Fashion Week. One of our first events was the Bread & Butter Festival at Tempelhof Flughafen. Armed with a camera and a good dose of excitement we arrived at B&B yesterday. Even though Germany won against them in quite a huge way (ouch!), we still aren’t finished with the Brazilian theme, so let’s go: Carnaval do Brasil a la Bread & Butter! We thought it was a pretty inspiring and cool event, have a look at our review to get an impression. Enjoy!

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48 Stunden Neukölln 2014 © Solveig Maria Ebbinghaus, Artconnect Berlin 3

Our Review of 48 Stunden Neukölln 2014

We have a confession to make: we had such a good weekend going through the streets of Neukölln! Armed with map and camera we dove into 48 Stunden Neukölln and tried to see as many things as possible. Ranging from workshops to exhibitions to intimate music sessions, 48 Stunden Neukölln offered it all. Read our review by jumping to the next page and enjoy!

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It’s been a week since the much anticipated DMY festival landed in Berlin, so we thought we’d reminisce with a little selection of snapshots we captured at this super cool event. Running between 28th May – 1st June 2014, the annual international design festival showcased the crème de la crème of forward thinking products and concepts.

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