Spotlight on Totem Mural by JBAK

It’s hard to miss the giant 32 metre mural in Lichtenberg in all its glory. Artconnect Berlin talk to, Karl Addison , one of the artists from the duo JBAK, responsible for this giant artwork. Karl talks about the creation of the Mural, his collaboration process with James Bullough, and the community’s involvement. This interview took place before JBAK had begun painting. Read more after the jump. Read more…


Spotlight on B_Tour Festival

B_Tour Festival is back and hitting the streets of Berlin after their hit festival last year! Artconnect Berlin got to have a chat about how the festival started and why it became necessary to see your city in a different light. Get ready to immerse yourself in sound, sight and story as you are guided by an artists, scientists, urban planners, or architects around Berlin. Have a look at what’s in store … Read more…

Bubbles of Hope- 7

Spotlight on Berlin Fashion Film Festival

In less than one week from now we’ll be welcoming in another Berlin Fashion Week! Along this thread, we are very excited to introduce to an upcoming, refreshingly different festival we recently discovered:  Berlin fashion Film Festival! The festival is still considered to be quite young but has grown a whole lot during the past couple of years. Want to know more their public screenings and awards show? Well you came to the right place. Read and be inspired by our Spotlight on Berlin fashion Film Festival. Read more…

Artconnect Berlin, Spotlight, Fier Vitrine © Jakub Gessler

Spotlight on Fier Vitrine

In only a few weeks it’s going to be Berlin Fashion Week, July 2014, and we wouldn’t be Artconnect Berlin without showing this form of art on our platform and blog. We would like to introduce you to Fier Vitrine, a designer exhibition party held at Lehter Siebzehn on Monday the 8th of July. While you write this in your agenda we will provide you with some more details on the designers.

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Spotlight on Stereofysh

 This is a special music Spotlight! Stereofysh will perform at our upcoming Community Clash! #4 on July the 17th. They like to make the crowd dance – we can’t wait to test it out ourselves in just a few weeks! Do you want to know all about this talented musical triangle? Read this post and find out.

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Spotlight on Eric Cortes

Have a closer look at the work of Eric Cortes! This talented artist is currently living in Neukölln, happy to invite you for a coffee and talk about art, but most of the time he is a busy man working on lots of projects. Find out more about him here!

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