Enjoying your lazy Sunday? It’s time for a Sunday STAFF PICKS. We even have two fashion-related selections this week! Don’t forget to look at the amazing projects our members are posting everyday. Hope you enjoy the line-up!

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Yannic Pöpperling

Spotlight on Yannic Pöpperling

Friday is Spotlight Day! We interviewed Yannic Pöpperling about his artwork and ongoing projects. Last week he posted a lot of super nice pieces on our platform. So now you can read the story behind this amazing photographer. Enjoy! Read more…



This week we start with Olympus’ latest event, PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYGROUND! The exciting group exhibition comprises of site-specific interactive installations on the theme of discovering the art of photography. Then there is a nice concert waiting for you at Mein Haus am See, not to mention an exhibition opening from Enda O’Donoghue’ on Friday. Make your bicycle summer-ready at Werkstatttraum on Saturday, making sure to leave time for Sunday’s two-part show by Milena Jovićević!

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Have fun at the Photography Playground!

Who doesn’t want to go back to being a child again?! We at Artconnect Berlin certainly do. And especially when it comes to photography, it’s learning by doing. With this in mind, Olympus organised ‘The OM-D: PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYGROUND‘, which kicks off this Thursday 10th of April at Berlin Opernwerkstätten. To get a better picture of exactly what it’s about, we advise you to read on!

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featured - 1

Staff Picks #8!

There are some great art works running around on our platform; we’re happy we managed to catch a couple of them! Like it, share it and follow the artists you like! Don’t hesitate to put your own artworks on the platform, maybe you’ll be in this post next week!

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