What is Artconnect Berlin?

Artconnect Berlin is a multifaceted networking platform for the creative community of Berlin, a free tool for Berliners that provides an easy way to connect with others by allowing users to upload an online portfolio, tag themselves by their skills and interests, and be discovered by others. In addition, users have the ability to browse and post opportunities, events, and spaces within Berlin.

With such a blossoming creative scene we strive to connect the different sectors, facilitate the flow of information, contacts, ideas, jobs and services, and promote the development of artistic projects in the German capital. Our varied efforts and programs such as our Networking Breakfast provide opportunities for both veterans and newcomers to connect with others in every field of the creative industry. In addition, our many other endeavors such as our Monday Opportunity and Weekend Events keep Berliners informed of the endless amount of happenings popping up around our shining city. Creative Artconnect Berlin is the agency branch of Artconnect Berlin. Our knowledge of the German capital’s vast creative scene has allowed us to create a network encompassing the international and diverse talent our city is known for and our deep integration within it gives us a unique perspective into Berlin’s potential with a strong network of creative minds specializing in every field imaginable. Through our social media networks we help promote Artconnect Berlin’s most interesting users as well as the city’s most appealing artistic activities and events. - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Tumblr - Pinterest


Our team is made up of an international crowd of creatives who have decided to call Berlin their home for a variety of reasons all centered around the idea of innovation and creativity.

Artconnect Berlin: - is a free tool for users no matter where they are - helps you reaching a wider audience with your work - lets others know your skills and interests - allows you to be reached by those who need you - helps you find the right people with the right skills for your projects - makes it possible to sell and find material for your projects - allows you to offer and find studios - informs the whole city of your upcoming events - is an open door to the creative community of Berlin for veterans and newcomers alike - is in English due to the city’s thriving international population - welcomes you to rent a desk or studio space at our headquarters - offers creative workshops for users of all levels - is an agency providing you with the best local professionals Berlin has to offer

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